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  • A Vision for our Country

    An Australia that unifies the people, always acts in their best interest, and maximises the potential of our whole nation.
  • A Credible Alternative

    At last, a credible alternative to counter the incompetence and corruption of Labor/Greens and Liberal/Nationals.
  • People or Party?

    Do you want representatives who represent you the people or them the party? Major parties demand loyalty above the people. We don't.
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Welcome to the Australian Federation Party

We have seen you and we have heard you…

AusFeds is the only party in the history of Australia to have a process and system to ensure our representatives serve the people who elect them. Not those who select them.

AusFeds has created a six-step process where our candidates sign a pact with their constituents that they will represent them, not a political party.

The Six-Step AusFeds Community Pact

Pact One

Every month I pledge to hold a town hall public meeting in my electorate with an open agenda where the people can come and listen to how I have been representing them and ask any question of me they want.

Pact Two

Every month I pledge to personally run a democracy training session for constituents to attend to learn about the Australian political system and how each person can participate.

Pact Three

I pledge to vote independently of my political party if the party policy is not in alignment with the needs and expectations of the people I represent.

Pact Four

I pledge never to participate in rushed legislation that has not been considered by qualified members of my electorate other than legislation that is in the direct interest of immediate national security of our nation.

Pact Five

I pledge to ensure that every new proposed bill and amended legislation will be first put to a People’s Legislative Review Group in my electorate and the feedback will be provided to the Australian Parliament.
See how the People’s Legislative Review Group works.

Pact Six

I pledge to use technology to hear the voice of the people and not use technology against the people.

Why is the Australian Federation Party Needed?

None of us in this party ever wanted to be in politics. We are here because Australia has been led down the wrong path by the major parties and their coalition partners, who have devastated and divided our nation.

The major parties have become totalitarian organisations. Their MPs are a self-serving apparatchik, not interested in listening to their constituents. They spruik what their bosses (who are funded by commercial interests) tell them to.
We want to listen to you
AusFeds’ foundational principle is to listen to the community and have a cordial dialogue based on a best-practice policy framework, to examine all policies transparently on the basis of evidence. Everyone’s views matter since no one has a monopoly on the truth. Through this process we will offer robust and innovative policies that are also continuously improved.
Incompetence and corruption of the major parties
The big parties have lied to the People and acted incompetently in managing public health, the economy and defence. They have exaggerated the magnitude of the covid pandemic by nearly 50 times (see the diagram below) and adopted policies straight from Communist China. In this process, they have taken on a mountain of debt and put to risk Australia’s economy and defence. Their policy of shutting down international and internal borders and cramping supply chains, and taking on massive debt have created massive inflation and also fed into high home prices. A stench of corruption pervades these parties: they are not driven by Australia’s interests.
Something is very wrong

When we engage with the community, this is what we hear:

  • People are concerned that families even with two incomes often cannot make ends meet. Many families are paying almost 60% of their income towards a home mortgage. Energy prices have shot sky-high over the past 10 years. People are concerned that they will be taxed heavily to pay back the huge mountain of debt that the Liberal Party has accumulated.
  • People have seen the negligence of the major parties towards Australia’s defence and are concerned about national security in the face of increasing threats.
  • Many people want workplaces of the kind they had in the past, in which they were engaged for life with a purpose, not temporary contractors.
  • People want to consume safe food that is produced in Australia. Australia is surrounded by the seas so why do we need to import seafood?
  • People are concerned about Australia’s loss of manufacturing capacity, so we drive foreign cars and are forced to rely on offshore supply chains which have failed us, particularly during the past two years. Likewise, people believe that we have failed to add value to the resources we dig out of the ground. And that we do not refine our own fuel and are dependent on ships from Singapore.
  • People are concerned about the displacement of small businesses by big retailers, with small domestic suppliers being forced against the wall during price negotiations. Small business is everywhere on the back foot.
  • And while people mostly agree that skilled migrants add great value to Australia (and cultural diversity), they worry that our own disadvantaged communities are not receiving the opportunity to develop marketable skills. Excessive migration is a concern: and the need to use our own resources more productively.

AusFeds is committed to listening these and all other concerns of the People and jointly formulating solutions that work for all of us.

A Chronology of Incompetence and Corruption of the Major Parties


All Australians were employed with plenty of work available.
We consumed our own produce from local community farming plots and local producers.
We manufactured everything we needed onshore.
We refined our own fuels onshore from stockpiles of oil.
We could afford to run a family from one wage if we wanted.
We had local community retail shops like ‘corner stores’ that dominated the landscape of Australian suburbs employing thousands of Australians.
Skilled workers were trained by local industry.
Manufacturing was dominant and added value to our own natural resources.
Utilities were state owned and operated to make essential services affordable and available to all.
We consumed local produce, like seafood, from our own waters.
We drove cars made in Australia.

Post 1975

Complete displacement and bastardisation of the workforce.
We import and consume substandard food and produce that we once produced ourselves.
We have lost our capacity to manufacture and supply chains to the point we are reliant on production offshore.
We have 4 weeks supply of fuel, we don’t refine fuel and we are dependent on ships from Singapore.
Our families cannot make ends meet with two income generators where many are paying 60% plus of their income to a home mortgage.
We get our food from a few big retailers where all the suppliers are screwed to the wall. Organic milk 20 cents a litre.
We import skilled workers.
We add no value to the resources we dig out of the ground.
Utilities and power grids have been privatised and people cannot afford their power bills.
We eat seafood from overseas when we are surrounded by oceans producing the same.
We drive foreign cars.

Our Policies

AusFeds is committed to listening to the voice of the Australian people.
As described in the six-step candidate pact (above) we are committed to introducing
innovative policy initiatives and gaining the input from people around Australia.
This process will ensure that legislation being considered before the parliament will be
both known to the Australian people as well as enhanced and improved by the Australian
people. It’s all about including you in the development, growth, and improvement of our
great nation.

That’s why we call it our policy philosophies. You know where we are heading and
together, we can fine tune policies to make sure they work for all Australians.
Have a look below at some of our key policy initiatives…

View Our Policies below

It is time for Australia's people to stand up and say
"enough is enough".

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