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Defence Policy

Defence Policy Of Noninterventionism, Alliances & Open Dialogue

  • Establish a balanced Foreign and Defence Policy that adopts an ethos of Non-Interventionism and Non-Aggression.
  • Establish and host an International Peace Summit. Encourage China, Russia and the USA to attend an open dialogue.
  • Provide a balanced geopolitical solution that benefits all major superpowers and drives the de-escalation of tensions.
  • Evaluate the reestablishment of the Gold Standard.
  • Reconsider and evaluate all support and funding to any nation-state involved in military adventurism.

Australia / USA

  • Australia sits on $200 trillion dollars of un-mined gold. We need to establish a gold pact with the US by which gold in exchange for resources/nuclear arms and a 30% reduced rate on the market price of spot gold.

Australia / China

  • Propose a complete retreat from Hong Kong, and declare its independence as, “One Country, Two Governments and Taiwan would be expected to replicate the model.

Australia / Russia

  • Propose a middle ground solution by which other fringes and contested Soviet-era territories that are ethnocentric and primarily Russian are allowed to vote for reunification with Russia, under the supervision of an independent consortium of unbiased nations.

Additional Considerations

  • Improve the welfare of veterans and support those who risk their lives to defend us.
  • Review the defence policy of Australia in the face of a rapidly deteriorating geo-strategic environment.
  • Seek to get a bigger bang for the buck from our defence spending.
  • Strengthen defence capability.
  • Advance Australia’s national interests and always protect our borders and sovereignty. Australia’s national security is not negotiable.
  • Review the role played by CCP in creating the mass hysteria of 2020 and its influence in our research institutions and media. Any ownership of strategic and key infrastructure assets by institutions linked to the CCP or any foreign power will be reviewed.
  • Re-define and restructure Australia’s relationship with international organisations to always ensure independent control over policy by the Australian people.

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