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International Corporations Policy

International Corporations Policy needs addressing. Corporations in Australia are active because there is a commercial benefit for their business. Australians are seen as an attractive consumer base. International corporations, as guests in our country, need to behave in a manner that is compliant with the Australian rule of law.

  • International corporations must never initiate disciplinary actions against any Australian citizens or residents outside of the Australian judicial process. AusFeds does not support the intervention of international groups in the external monitoring or control of anyone living in Australia.
  • International corporations, when it comes to earnings in Australia, must comply with a benchmark measure of costs for like corporations. Transfer pricing arrangements where a company can hide earnings through the allocation of costs from head office should be outlawed and monitored by the ATO.
  • International corporations are not to lobby federal sitting members of parliament in any form at any time. Peak bodies, made up of international corporations, are welcome to make representations to the government in the appropriate manner.

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