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Position Statement

The Australian Federation Party makes this public statement with respect to core values that we have been asked to affirm to better communicate our ethos.

If no one stands up for our values, then we as a nation will be valueless. A party or an entity has no soul other than the people engaged in the delivery of its pursuits. Our party is made up of a wonderful tapestry of open, aware, and loving people who have come together with several common purposes. The biggest of these is re-empowering the voice of the people of Australia.

We embrace the values here articulated. Our core leadership team across the country have also affirmed their commitment to these values. Please note that this is a short-form explanation: it is true of who we are, but cannot capture every dimension of our ethical and moral perspectives, in every area. Given our commitment to openness and dialogue, we will endeavour to continue to communicate well along these and similar lines; if offence is caused by any of our positions, we are also open to feedback in every respect to broaden our collective understanding, as we cherish unity across our nation.

1. Protecting Life

It is the responsibility of all to protect life. At the Australian Federation Party, we are diametrically opposed to full-term and late-term abortions. We find State legislation to legalise these types of abortions reprehensible, as also the passivity of Federal Governments, in view of public funding via Medicare. Especially where this has been coupled with the removal of the crime of child destruction from state criminal codes, we believe that the failure to address this legislative cascade is out of step with community standards of morality and belief and with the sacred place of human life in indigenous culture and other traditions. 

The expansion of abortion laws proposed by Federal Labor is not acceptable. The Australian Federation Party promotes principles of informed consent, adoption and social programs that support women to carry pregnancies to birth and care for their children beyond.

2. Protecting Our Children

The Australian Federation Party is opposed to the funding/teaching of gender fluidity theory (or any other sexual theory) in schools. Our schools should focus on safe and responsible relationship practices. Education is about expanding knowledge and developing one’s ability to think critically: it is not about using our children for programming and social experimentation.

3. Protect Women and Women’s Rights

All women must be protected and have their rights championed. Harsher criminal penalties for rape and other serious crimes against women must be considered in the future. The definition of a woman is a mature adult female. There should be a free and open dialogue so that Australia can achieve proper balance and equality for women in all spheres of our society.

4. Religious Values and the Australian Parliament

The Federation has its roots in Judeo-Christian values. First Nations people also have The Dreaming, and the multicultural evolution of Australia now means that there is a range of religions in our country that all should enjoy the freedom of speech and expression. 

The Australian Federation Party embraces a multicultural society, including all elements and with a view to promoting a spirit of unity. Given that Christianity is the founding faith tradition for the Federation and the Australian Parliament, we support the continuity of this tradition in the use of Christian prayer at the opening of Parliament and the seeking of spiritual guidance for our nation. We do not support an absolutist separation of religion and state but do support the continued and free expression of these practices, which have been present since our founding.

5. Religious Values and Australian Schools

A key policy of the Australian Federation Party is Education Choices. Our party remains deeply concerned regarding the development of curricula that seek to socially program our children and erode their capacity to think independently. Education Choices is about creating individual learning programs for our children that reflect family unit expectations, needs and values. The state should never interfere in the sound values and choices of families.

We need an education system that is responsive to the needs of the individual child and family. As part of this, Education Choices is envisioned to attach funding to the individual, rather than the institution, thus broadening the scope of learning opportunities within public and private schools and a home-school context.

As part of the Australian story, the Christian history and heritage of this nation should never be diminished and continues to be a central element of understanding our core values, which have shaped and continue to shape who we are. The Australian Federation Party does not advocate for the imposition of any religion upon anyone and believes in a broad education regarding multiple faith traditions.

6. School Chaplaincy

One of our leaders was once asked to request the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, for the exclusive right of Christian Chaplaincy in Australian public schools. They declined because they/we do not believe in exclusivity for one group over and above the interests of another group. Australia must find pathways of unity to enable us to work together.

We believe School Chaplaincy should continue to be funded and available in Australian schools and that programs should be expanded to enable multiple chaplains in Schools. We must connect with our children and restore a basis of values and meaning in our country with serious endeavour and focus, especially after the aftermath of the pandemic. The loss of our children to suicide, and the rise of mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuse must be tackled head-on.

7. First Nation People

Australia has failed to find a pathway of unity with our First Peoples. To bring us together and build unity as one nation, a process must be agreed upon with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We support adding to our constitution preamble to recognise our indigenous people as First Peoples, which would help bring greater unity.

We do not support any constitutional additions to create a Voice to Parliament or any other constitutional change that creates any division in Australia, either racially or culturally.

The legal profession has taken advantage of elders on behalf of mining companies, where no due process has been followed. We believe that extensive independent reviews must uncover systemic corruption, institutional bias, and abuse.

8. Private, Public and Home Schooling

Australia needs the best education system to build a generation of passionate, creative, and critical-thinking young people. We need to help develop young people who can think, problem solve and adapt to changing circumstances. However, the choice of diverse options for education must be safeguarded in the future.

Some families will choose a home-schooling experience for their children, some will choose a public-school learning experience, and others will choose a private schooling experience, which may or may not have a specific religious focus. If a family decides to have an education with a religious focus for their child/children, then they should be able to participate in a learning stream with this goal, alongside all other relevant educational goals. No matter what funding models are applied to education, these should be equitable; specifically, funding allocations to religious schools should be the same as for public schools.

There is no obvious reason when a family chooses to send their children to a particular school because of the particular learning pathway that the school represents (religious or otherwise), why a school cannot employ a teacher who is likeminded and can support education in the values and principles that reflect the parents’ choice. Progress towards limiting schools’ freedom to choose such staff has lost sight of the priority of parents in their children’s education.

9. Freedom of Speech

We now live in a society where people are fearful to freely express their viewpoints. Whether this extends to perspectives on religion, sexuality, gender identity and more, all people deserve to have freedom of expression. Of course, that freedom of expression must be respectful and uphold an individual’s right to choose. A state should never legislate to stifle discussion and debate on a range of matters in society, and the Australian Federation Party is committed to repealing legislation that seeks to divide Australians rather than draw us together.

10. Guarding Freedom of Religion

As a multicultural and free society, freedom of religion and its expression, privately or publicly, is always critical. It enables us to understand each other and celebrate our society regardless of our belief system.

11. Individual Freedom, Choice, and Bodily Autonomy

The Australian Federation Party fundamentally believes in a person’s right to choose a medical treatment of any sort, based on proper, reliable and accurate information being published and specifically provided to an individual, leading to genuine informed consent. All such information must be able to be discussed and debated openly. AusFedParty rejects any forceful vaccination “mandates” imposed anywhere across our great nation since they cause disunity, fear and ultimately mistrust of the Government and the Health Care Sector. On the other hand, freely exercising an informed choice promotes respect for and empowerment of the individual.

12. Centralised and Digital Identity

To date, federal and state governments and the two-party system of Liberal/Nationals and Labor/Greens that exercise power have demonstrated a lack of apprehension in the use of technology to track, trace and potentially control populations in Australia. This was reflected in the recent pandemic, but perhaps more so in the existing or proposed legislation, such as the Digital Identity Bill. Any use of technology to impose excessive control on the people by a state entity is in disjuncture with the spirit of the Federation and the Constitution, which binds it together. Technology should be used to promote and protect self-determination, whilst also improving the efficiency of services and providing a means to listen to the people’s voice.

13. Australian Sovereignty

Australian sovereignty is in peril because of the behaviour of the Liberal/Nationals and Labor/Greens. Australia should, first and foremost, be able to protect its sovereignty so that it is never compromised again. Additionally, we should have alliances that extend our capacity to protect our sovereignty, including the USA, UK, India and Japan, whilst they remain like-minded nations. Aggressors in our region must be curtailed, and therefore core relationships with other countries must be nurtured.

14. Family Law

Failed relationships are inevitable in any society. Family Law systems should be fair and balanced and provide a pathway to peaceful resolution without extensive costs being incurred by 3rd parties. A fresh look at the process of family law, especially with a view to the welfare of children, is an important objective for the Australian Federation Party.

15. Drug Addiction

It is time Australia stands strong against the drug trade. Australia needs to introduce better policing and harsher punishment for people who trade drugs and destroy the lives of countless thousands of Australians. 

In addition, we need to measure and publish the success of various forms of drug rehabilitation programs. Funding must be made in abundance for those programs that have long-term and successful track records. Our education system must participate in drug education and promote abstinence programs at the very earliest opportunity.

16. Unlawful Internet Content and Filters

It’s time the Australian Government assists law enforcement agencies in stopping unlawful internet content. Unlawful content is no different to other attacks on our nation that seek to destabilise and destroy the minds of our people. Australian Federation Party supports introducing the latest Internet Service Providers (ISP) filters to track, block and report unlawful content (featuring illegal pornography and violence) in Australia. Based on the need to protect children from the harm of pornography, we also advocate federal legislation to ensure a default ‘clean feed’ to Australian homes, to the effect that pornographic content would be available only as an ‘opt-in’ service (at the level of ISPs).

17. Poverty

Our nation has progressively sold itself into poverty. Today we have largely lost our manufacturing and supply chain industries, and our standard of living has progressively declined, while the cost of living has increased and wages have stagnated. The values we once perceived as central to the Australian spirit have been dismantled. Millions of Australians have been displaced and forgotten because of misjudgement, incompetence and corruption of our political class, who make one rule for themselves and another hundred for hard-working Australians.

The focus must be on re-building industry, adding value to our raw materials and restoring dignity for Australian workers, on the generation of jobs and on national security. We need to create a society that creates opportunities for all. Care for the poor is paramount, as it reflects the soul of the nation; where restoration can be achieved, it should be, and where long-term care is needed, it should be available.

18. Environment

Our environment is being destroyed because of practices that create multi-dimensional environmental and climate consequences. We are stewards and custodians of this beautiful land, from which we are nourished. Australians have the task of preserving and protecting our environment in all its variety for future generations.

Soil regeneration programs are key to the bio-sequestration of carbon, the retention of water and the health of our agricultural sector. The Australian Federation Party has a core environmental policy focusing on this issue and practices, destroying our soils with subsequent climate impact.

19. Elderly

People ageing in Australia realise that they have been, in a sense, abandoned and that many do not enjoy an acceptable standard of living, after a lifetime of working. It is a matter of honour for this nation that we afford the highest respect and value to our elders, the generations that have preceded us and built what we currently enjoy. We must not be caught out being under-resourced to meet the health care and other needs of our elderly in the next decades and must plan accordingly; in health workforce terms and other ways.

The entire process and economic model associated with ageing must be reviewed thoroughly and system-wide. We must ensure that all ageing Australians have a decent opportunity to fund themselves as they age, in a way that maximises dignity and self-determination, with the best possible quality of life in view. In Australia, this should be done without stripping intergenerational wealth from families.

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