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“Let’s Be Honest”

Often, it’s just a phrase we use to signify what we’ll say next should be taken more literally than the “how are yous” we answer with a “great, how ‘bout you.” Our conversations happen in shades of truth rather than pure white light and we’re all aware that truth is often subjective so what “Let’s be Honest,” usually means is I’d like you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say because I want you to understand that while I may not necessarily like what I have to say I need to say it.

So, let’s be honest, there is very little integrity in politics today it’s an arena renowned for casting versions of facts before us from which we must discern a truth. We’ve grown disillusioned and disgusted with it and we’ve turned it off. That’s what they want. We know we should care but then need to take a shower to wash off the torrent of bulldust it exposes us to when we do. I’ve always wondered about the people that stand in front of the public saying things they clearly know are untrue to serve a hidden agenda from masters we’ll never know, and we see very clearly now that most of our “leaders” are sycophants at best or willing puppets at worst.

I joined Peter Harris a few months ago because more than anything in the time I spent travelling around WA and speaking with him I perceived a level of integrity that I knew would infuse any political party he led or was a part of. Peter agreed to join two alliances; Cadco, and Tick Freedom. Each is an initiative signifying to voters the intention to put aside various other differences so that they would have confidence that their votes and preferences would be effective in ensuring that core principles would be represented. All other parties were invited to join.

So, let’s be honest.

The Australian Federation Party has respected both of those agreements in spirit and deed. Cadco was signed first and hence our partners will occupy those positions on our printed HTVs. Tick Freedom parties sit next to on our preference tickets. Thus;

1. Our HTVs and all written communications will respect those agreements.

2. We encourage everyone to make their own choices exactly as they see fit; but,

a. We MUST put the majors last and end the two-party duopoly that is destroying our nation.

3. We also encourage you to use the https://majorslast.com/how-to-vote-cards system too.

At this stage of the election process, a great deal of discussion is held. We were offered better strategic deals than those based on principles we agreed to in our alliances; based purely on the mathematical theories that might influence such things based upon polls. We had choices to make.

So, let’s be honest.

The Australian Federation Party formed and now exists to represent the Australian People as their government. We are serious about this. We are an emerging party made up of ordinary people, which is to say unaccustomed to backroom deals and “politics” in the pejorative sense. We entered into agreements with others through Cadco and Tick Freedom.

And we intend to honour them, regardless of the choices that others have made in pursuit of some other purpose. We hope that those who have taken that view might reconsider it in the context that what is most important in any effort to rebuild representative democracy in our country relies first on, and foremost, on restoring public confidence in the idea that anyone seeking to be their government will keep their promises and honour their commitments.

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