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Australia has never suffered more devastating decisions than the disproportionate “public health” policies of 2020 and 2021. These decisions were just a continuation of perpetual incompetency and corruption in our political system.

Basic freedoms have been wiped out, small businesses have been destroyed and the extensions of the State now permeate every element of our society and every moment of our lives. All whilst scientific data and compelling evidence continue to be ignored by a political class that behaves like an unaccountable Marxist dictatorship.



CADCO is an initiative formed collaboratively with the Australian Federation Party, Great Australia Party and Informed Medical Options Party . We anticipate more parties joining soon, who also wish to work within a framework that gives each Party the freedom to represent the issues that each prioritises, but work together with other CADCO member Parties for the benefit of Australians.

Tick Freedom

Tick Freedom offers a symbol by which to unite those who seek to support the freedoms that have come under threat.
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