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Tracey Dempsey

The House of Representatives

Accredited mental health practitioner



I am in private practice as a mental health practitioner, and also of natural medicine. I have 2 children and 3 grandchildren, and have lived in regional, rural and remote areas of South Australia for over 40 years. I value integrity and determination, advocate for social justice and believe governments should be transparent, accountable and uphold democracy.

We need to urgently restore a true democratic representation for Australian people, by Australian people. For too long now, governments have been self-serving and committed to corporations. They have consistently divided and decimated our family values, human rights, and natural connections. We need a healthcare system that incorporates proper education for nutrition, natural remedies, and other alternative treatments. We need landcare practices which protect our natural environment, better regulations for our natural resources, and reduction of plastics and poisons.

We should also be incorporating the knowledge of our oldest culture for land care management, health practices, and educational programmes. The major parties have been a major disaster; minor parties are the only way forward.

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