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Shonna Banasiak

The House of Representatives

Asset Management / Cleaning



I have been working part time in the accommodation and cleaning industries for roughly 20 years. In my spare time I had been studying education with a view to become a teacher but with the vaccination mandates I felt I couldn’t continue that dream. I am the mother of 3 children who inspire and challenge me in many ways to be all that I can be. My eldest are adults now and my youngest is still at home. I have been drawn into this election because I care about what kind of a world, they, and other children, are inheriting. Two years ago, Australia changed dramatically and I couldn’t believe the divisions and overreach that followed. I believe the current government and a lot of their career politicians have forgotten to represent the people and have lost touch with what every day Australians want. I am excited by the policy that the Australian Federation Party holds at its core and that is representative democracy for all Australians. Transparency and honesty will be critical in moving forward. I am ready to give everything I have got to fight for a better future for all.

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