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Sharynn Moors

The House of Representatives

Australian Legal Practitioner



I am a lawyer in private practice, incensed by the decimation of our human rights. My focus is to enshrine rights and freedoms in Australia, so that we never again, fall victim to government overreach.

“Mum” to three amazing women, and “Sharna” to six delightful grandchildren, I want to ensure that future generations of Australians, have the opportunity to experience the halcyon days that I enjoyed, in what was once, “the lucky country”. My grandfather was an ANZAC. He dropped dead in the street, in his early fifties, shortly before the onset of World War II. His daughter – my mother – was just three months’ old.

We have a duty, not just to our armed forces, but to everyone else who suffered loss in the defence of our country, to ensure that Australia remains forever sovereign and free.

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