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Ryan Otto

The House of Representatives

High School Teacher (Maths & Science)



As a Farmer and High School Science and Maths Teacher that’s been put out of the job by the COVID-19 mandates issued under the Coalition government, I understand the severe impact these restrictions have had on the community. A few key issues that resonate with me in particular for the Groom electorate include cultivating and supporting small business owners that have suffered under the mandates and enacting anti-trust and competition policies to prevent monopolisation of local industries. Further, funding should be delegated to the planting and maintaining of native edible plants and fruit trees in parks and recreation areas for public consumption and free use rather than the inedible decorative plants that provide no benefit to the wider community.

I also believe that there should be an effort to put forward more free, publicly available educational programs regarding economic and environmental sustainability aimed at reducing the materialistic on-demand consumption culture where the manufacturing and transport process is needlessly wasteful, harming the environment and increasing the cost of living. I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region and ensure that the community’s concerns are heard and considered in a much more involved representative democratic process.

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