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Nick Duffield

The Senate

Management Consultant

No.2 Senate Candidate


I entered the political arena in August 2021 as Founding President of one of Australia's fastest growing political parties, Trumpet of Patriots. With the AEC actively de-registering and delaying new registrations for a multitude of political parties that challenged the freedom-last ethos of the Labor-Green Coalition, unifying the minor parties was front and centre on my action list, which culminated in the unification with the Australian Federation Party (AFP) in March 2022. As Senate candidate, I am determined to ensure that the voice of the people who support the Australian Freedom Movement is heard in Canberra this election and I see this as the most crucial election in Australia today.

At age 20 I met my wife, and have enjoyed the blessing of raising two sons. I have a burning desire to do everything within my power to preserve the iconic free and resilient Australian lifestyle my family have enjoyed and valued since migrating to SA in the 1830s. Following the completion of a Business Management Degree at Uni SA, my thirst for travel saw me visit 50 countries as well as much of Australia. I have built my career of 25 years specialising in strategic problem-solving and the management of high performing teams through periods of growth and expansion. I have experience in Project & Commercial Operations, Executive Recruitment, Management Consulting and Business Development across various industry sectors including Professional Services, HR, Construction, Contact Centres, Wholesale Trade and Not-for-Profit organisations.

Today I see more people awaken to the special interests that control politics and the two-party coalition - to the detriment of the Australian people. I am determined to do everything I can to shake up the shadowy and complacent political framework to bring back an "Australia-first" ethos when determining national priorities, in an effort to make this great country free again for all Australians!

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