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Mark Neugebauer

The House of Representatives

Disability Sector Employee



I moved to SA from NSW and have lived in the southern region of Adelaide for 14 years. I’m married with 5 children and one grandchild & have been a foster parent for the past 11 years. I have had a varied career history, starting with a milk run while still at school, then positions in Warehousing, Transport, Training, Disability Employment, and have been in the Disability sector for the past 7 years, until I was terminated for declining the COVID Vaccine. I’ve held various leadership positions which have provided me with many skills and equipped me to liaise and collaborate with many varied stakeholders.

I believe a country’s worth should be judged on how it responds and treats its most vulnerable, including children, the aged, homeless and those with a disability – who should all be unequivocally supported physically, emotionally, and financially. I’ve been a regular podcaster on current affairs, including freedom issues and mandates. I believe Australia is under attack from seen and unseen global influences seeking to undermine the sovereignty, freedoms and rights of all Australians and am seriously concerned for the welfare of Australia’s future generations, including that of my own children and grandchildren.

I decided to stand for the seat of Mayo after becoming disheartened by the current state of politics and the disconnect between politicians and the electorate. I want to see a review of regulatory bodies, more efficient and cost-effective government, and reduction of bureaucracy. After seeing many Australians being silenced and ignored over the past 2 years, I believe the only way I can effect change is as a Federal member of the Lower House with the support of the Australian Federation Party (AFP). I am aligned to what AFP stands for and is trying to achieve. I desire to be a strong voice for the constituents of Mayo federally and will serve with honesty, accountability, transparency, and integrity. I possess a strong work ethic and have always aimed to go above and beyond in my 37 years of employment, and if elected, I will always work hard towards the best interests of the electorate at large.

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