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Kym Hanton

The House of Representatives

Postal Delivery



I am a 47-year-old father of 3 children, a sole parent. I began my career with the Royal Australian Airforce in 1998 and still serve as a reservist. I was a Police officer with South Australia Police for 17 years from 2004 to 2021, working in numerous fields including prosecution, general duties and various operations. I found this role challenging but rewarding. I have always been a keen advocate for serving the community at large as a front-line worker. For personal and professional reasons I decided to pursue a career change and whilst working as a weapons instructor for the Royal Australian Airforce, I ventured into postal delivery services where I continues to serve the community but in a different way.

My professional career experience and depth of knowledge with understanding community expectations and diversity forms a solid foundation for being the candidate for the Barker electorate.

I am also being a dedicated family man, and have great concerns for the future of our children and the associated negative impacts that the current and former government bodies have caused, such as the destruction of not only South Australia's economy but have also had a negative impact on families’ mental health and physical wellbeing.
I will also focus on contentious issues such water rights, rising costs of horticulture and agriculture effecting Australia’s food production with ongoing negative consequences.

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