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Gregory Saldanha

The House of Representatives



I am pleased to represent the Australian Federation party to contest for the seat of Holt. I have over 3 decades of combined experience in the Electrical trade, Public transport and Warehousing, having migrated from India to make Australia home.

I learnt early in life about the nexus between Big businesses, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Union officials. Experience has taught me about peaceful coexistence and I believe the best solution is to expand this nexus to include small businesses and the common man/woman/youth.

When I discovered that the pandemic chaos, Govt response, economic fallout etc all transpired almost exactly as described and predicted  according to pre pandemic documents and simulated exercises sponsored by two elite investors foundations, I was not only surprised by the depth of the deception but also felt betrayed for initially believing the Govt narrative.

I strongly believe in a participative democracy and so does Australian Federation Party. I acted and joined AFP to participate and initiate reform. I will find realistic solutions to public and environment issues through public engagement, discussion, debate and reform and not rely on sponsored experts/lobbyists.  I will support improving whistle blower protection policy and international policies that promote peace, mutual cooperation and development. I will practice transparency and accountability in public life first before expecting the same from others.

I look forward for your electoral support and participation.

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