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Gary Pead

The House of Representatives

Business Leader



I am a business and Climate Change leader with a 23-year history of community, social and political involvement in the McPherson electorate. My father, Jim Pead, was also a politically independent civic leader. He fought interference from the major parties for 30 years whilst developing Canberra City for citizens and was honoured with a state funeral in recognition of his successful efforts.

My own successful record of defeating retail monopolies, establishing a World Heritage National Park, presenting a Housing & Rent affordability policy, and providing leadership over 30 years in Climate Change reflect my experience working in Government (incluidng Treasury in Canberra), Private and Small Business Sectors.

I offer costed solutions addressing the issues of rising living costs, protecting superannuation for retirees, Climate Change emission targets and Banking and Finance, all based on my own experience. I am determined to keep the pressure on political parties, to hold them accountable and to act in Parliament in the best interest of citizens, always placing people, before profit and party politics.

I now stand as an independent voice within the constitution of The Australian Federation Party to repair Australia’s broken Parliamentary representation.

I offer real COSTED solutions for all Australians for:

  • Housing and Rental affordability with 30-year Fixed Interest loans (which is how Canberra City was built) – a must for young Australian families.
  • Climate Change emission targets with new innovative technology from Poland (so far ignored by Scott Morrison).
  • Efficiencies in energy supply at an affordable cost to consumers with a national rooftop solar infrastructure investment.

The two-party political system has failed to deliver the best outcomes for Australians. In the War, we must not lose “Climate Change”. I will be the voice for McPherson, and expose the devastation the LNP has delivered to the real economy of the Cold Coast City and all Australians.

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