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Eleanor Tabone

The House of Representatives

School Teacher



I am a primary school teacher of 10 years experience and mother of three (soon to be four) young children. With the introduction of mandates I no longer work in a formal school setting. Presently I volunteer my time to mentor families who have chosen to homeschool their children.

My passion lies in women’s, infants’ and children’s health, all of which have been severely affected by the lack of transparent and ethical behaviour in the current government policy. So concerned was I by the government’s completely incompetent and damaging response to the Covid pandemic, it spurred me to get involved in politics.

We are seeing Australia increasingly ruled by megalomaniacs, using fear as a tool to drive compliance amongst the population. A self-serving government, which prioritises corporations and big business over the lives of everyday Australians, and over the need to preserve and work with, not against, our natural resources.

Sovereignty must be returned to the people, by a government that is elected in a true democracy, in which they are servants of the people, and all actions taken are to ensure Australia and its people flourish as a nation.

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