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David Welsh

The House of Representatives

Transport & Logistics



Born in Melbourne, I love Victoria with all it’s diversity, Culture, faith & traditions. We truly have one of the best states in the world, I have a background and knowledge of equity law, trust law, canon law, federal postal jurisdiction, postal mechanics, contract writing & syntaxing. I am passionate about educating everyone on the Inscribed Stock Act and Regulations – people need to know that they have an Equitable Minors Estate that is held in trust by this Government. All Australians have been inscribed as Stock on a Ledger and are considered by the current and former Australian Government ministrations as a tradable commodity, being sold and traded as indexed stock. Nearly everything in commerce is under maritime jurisdiction, and this needs to change for the benefit of all Australians. You are known by this Government as a “Nom DEGUIRE”, lost at sea, as salvageable cargo, not that they would ever reveal that to you. For years I also have worked in transport & logistics, I know how important it is for businesses to keep this sector moving. What I don’t like to see are the big corporations buying up more and more of the smaller businesses. My personal interests are family, surfing with my 3 daughters, enjoying time with friends and I like a good coffee.

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