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Anthony Gardyne

The House of Representatives

Senior Mining Technician



I have never strived for a career in politics. I’m a pretty ordinary middle-aged, blue-collar West Australian. However, I feel compelled to stand up for myself, my family, and my electorate by running for the federal seat of Canning with the Australian Federation Party. The Liberal and Labor duopoly has run our great country into the ground while ever expanding their spending, their reach, and their power over how we live our lives every day. I am tired of living under a bureaucratic dictatorship and in speaking with family, friends and people in my community, I believe many Australians feel the same. I’m determined to be part of the change. To paraphrase Emiliano Zapata, the great Mexican revolutionary, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. As a member of parliament, I guarantee integrity, authenticity and determination in restoring our free and democratic society.

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