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Anthea Antonie

The House of Representatives

University Student / Ex-Business Manager



I was born, raised, and spent most of my life in Chisholm, and I am a hard-working, proud single mother of three. I enjoy yoga, natural health, connecting to nature and attending church weekly. Being very empathetic, I understand how the last two years have brought pain and suffering to the community. Having a passion for helping others in our community, I was studying for a Bachelor of Counselling and Psychology. However, I have put the course on hold so that I can make a powerfully positive change for our community and our children’s future.

I have found Australian Federation Party aligns with my morals, values and what they stand for, believing that these core principles will allow the AFP to contribute to saving our country. Being honest, loyal to my word and here to listen to the people of Chisholm, I will be honoured to represent them with complete transparency to build a strong community network. Looking forward to supporting: small businesses; repairing and redeveloping the schools’ curriculum by teaching our children morals, values, and life skills, instead of radical ideologies. I will strive to help the vulnerable and elderly, create safe, healthy living retirement homes; recognise and register natural and alternative medicine and therapy; build a strong, affordable mental health support system, including rebated Counselling sessions. I will also support the supply of clean, water and food again, encouraging organic farming practices and limiting the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals used in agriculture.

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