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Alexandra Hafner

The House of Representatives




I have a background in environmental science and town planning, with a keen interest in the restoration and protection of our environment, stakeholder relationship management and achieving outcomes for the community in an appropriate and timely manner. My experience both within local and State government sectors has afforded me the unique understanding of the tensions between the community and organisations which govern it.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Environmental), 2010, and Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, 2012, both from the University of Sydney. This, combined with my professional experience, has led me to a desire and commitment to represent my community and achieve positive outcomes and change for the people, first and foremost.

I live in Narara and am a mother to one and stepmother to five. Watching and being subject to the failings of the current government over the last two years has driven me to find an alternative. I want more for theirs and their friend’s futures. I love this community and I am passionate about ensuring that it is not only protected but governed in a sustainable manner with youth/education, health care and jobs/employment the focus for this government. I am excited by the policies of the Australian Federation Party and that transparency, democracy and individual freedoms are its core values. I will fight for these for my community and our children’s futures.

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