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Abram Lazootin

The House of Representatives

Small Business Owner



I am a devoted husband, proud father of two beautiful children, a Christian, and a small business owner of 13 years. I reside in Tea Tree Gully and have lived in the Makin electorate for almost 20 years. My workplace history has been in construction, small business retail, and manufacturing industries, before venturing into self-employment, starting my own business in 2010 in pharmaceutical supplies. My venture into self-employment was a specific desire to be able to lead a self determined life, and to be able to have more flexibility to raise and enjoy watching my kids grow. I believe in self determination, which is the ability to raise one’s family, and live our lives according to our beliefs, within the framework of our constitutional rights, without interference from government.

My friends and family describe me as strong, determined, passionate, and empathetic, and sometimes I am viewed as outspoken, but never untruthful. I am always willing to help those in need, to the best of my abilities, wherever I can. I bring a diverse set of skills to the table and am 100% dedicated to serving the community and making changes as required to better the lives of all Australians.

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