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Australian Federation Party (AFP) is proud to announce a new political co-operative: the Commonwealth of Australia Democratic Co-Operative (CADCO).

CADCO is an initiative formed collaboratively with the Australian Federation Party, Great Australia Party and Informed Medical Options Party . We anticipate more parties joining soon, who also wish to work within a framework that gives each Party the freedom to represent the issues that each prioritises, but work together with other CADCO member Parties for the benefit of Australians.

Australia is under siege by the Liberal/National/Labor/Green parties who are speaking with one voice - the same media-dictated mantra that is hostile to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of medial choice.

We are a nation in distress. The rest of the world is gobsmacked at the decimation of freedoms in Australia. This is no time for complacency or selfish egos. Your vote is vitally important and CADCO gives us a greater chance for electoral success.
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